Soft Back Lampshades

Silk pleated lampshades offer a look that’s more traditional; they are most appropriate in rooms furnished with antiques.   There are many pleats to choose from.

Closed Box Pleat – This classic and most preferred “hand-made box” design is a rich formal look, it adds elegance and style to your decor.

Open Box Pleat-This pleat looks great with textured fabric such as linen and duping silks. The width of the pleat is determined by the circumference and style of the shade.

French, Side or Knife Pleat – This flat crisp linear handmade pleat is preferred on modern drum lampshades as well as figural styles such as a french oval.

Shirred Pleat – This old world pleat dates back to Louis XV.  It looks best on antique French and Italian porcelain figural lamps.

Ripple or Country Pleat – This loose pleat transforms any fabric that may have a pattern such as an Ikat printed linen or a paisley.  A ripple adds light and dark nuances to the shade.  An illumé favorite.

Inverted French Drape – The classic Inverted French Drape creates a unique twist to a standard stretched shade.

American Drape – Like the I.V.F.D., this pleat is applied uniformly straight from top to bottom.  It also covers the vertical wires of the wire frame.  The pleat looks great on classic bouillottes lampshades.

V-Drape – Adding a V-Drape to a stretched shade offers your lampshade a 1940’s vintage look.  The V-Drape is a crisply folded pleat forming a V over each vertical wire.  Think of using contrasting colours to achieve a custom look that marries the lamp to your interior.

As many possibilities there are in Soft-back pleated lampshades, there are just as many in stretched fabric lampshades. Empires, Pembroke, Bells, Modified Bells, Bouillottes, Ovals, Drums, Coolies, any size top, any size bottom, any length… the possibilities are truly endless.

Illumé offers custom and special order lampshades with their vast selection of Charmeuse, pongee, and dupioni silks, dupchina, linens, cotton chintzes, and of course, your own fabric. Please come in and look through our fabrics available.

Something to think about… see something you like in a decorating magazine? Email or bring the picture in to illumé and we can create it.  Remember, too, you can customize any shade with adding a gimp, trim or grosgrain ribbon.

You’re only limited by your imagination.